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Welcome to the Koopa Wiki, where you can find all things Koopa related. Koopas are a general enemy that is common within the Mario Universe. They can be found anywhere, and in any Super Mario game. To jump in and start browsing the collection of Koopa articles, check out the Main Pages below!

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News and Updates

Friday 14th February - Added a page directory at the bottom of the main page, allowing people to find information about a type of Koopa easily with the pictures provided. Not all pages have been written, so feel free to click on one of the pages and see if it has been written!

Wednesday 12th February - The wiki is starting to become larger, the homepage is slightly under construction so it may seem slightly messy at the moment, but this will soon be finished. Don't be shy to add more pages!

Wednesday 12th February - Opening up the Wiki. The wiki may feel a bit barren at the moment, but I am sure it will grow with time. Make sure you introduce your friends to the wiki so the community can grow!


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